About | Journey Jumper


Welcome to Journey Jumper! Thanks for visiting our site. Here's a little back story on how our brand was built and our purpose as a business.

Journey Jumper was founded by Josh in 2021. When Josh bought his first car, he occasionally made the mistake of leaving his lights on in his car, ultimately draining the battery and making it unable to start the next morning.

He had to turn to RACQ or a friend with jumper lead cables, which took time, effort and often money.

But what if there was an easy solution that anyone could have access to that didn't involve another car with jumper leads or roadside assistance?

The birth of www.JourneyJumper.com.au

Josh sourced a new product known as the Journey Jumper, which is a portable power bank that is able to jump start cars instantly. He built a website and brand around this product, marketed it and started shipping his orders around Australia. He would pack orders in his kitchen, and make sure all orders were with delivery providers before daily cut-off times.

And this is where we are at now:

We are a thriving brand, providing thousands of Australian residents with the easiest and most affordable solution to unfortunate battery drainage. All orders placed are shipped via Australia Post

Our next move is to have our products on the shelves on major retail chains, such as JB Hi-Fi, Autobarn, Supercheap Auto and more. 

Thanks for tuning in!