2 x Journey Jumper Car Jump Starter Powerbank Packs
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This pack includes TWO (2) x Journey Jumper Car Jump Start Powerbank Packs

Want to be able to JUMP START your car INSTANTLY ANYWHERE?

We all know how frustrating it is to hop into your car only to find out it won't start because the battery is flat...

But you could INSTANTLY jump start your car ANYWHERE by simply using this device!

The Journey Jumper Car Pack is the most necessary and convenient device for your glovebox ✔️ Priced at an affordable $99.99 (with Afterpay and PayPal available), it has a lot on offer. It does more than just jump start your car!

Features include:
✅ Water-resistant with in-built flashlight 
✅ FREE 3-in-1 Phone Charger Cable (Supports ALL devices)
✅ Charge your devices on the go via the USB port
✅ Includes RED and BLACK jumper cables that plug into device
✅ Holds 50 000 mAh of battery life!

STOP driving around without a backup plan! The solution is a click away. Secure yours today for fast AUSSIE EXPRESS shipping and a hassle-free same-day dispatch delivery. It's time to go wireless!


Below are a collection of most of our frequently asked questions. They cover features, shipping, size, specifications, compatibility and more!


What does it do exactly?

The Journey Jumper acts like a power bank for your car. It has two jumper lead cables attached to it. Simply connect these to your car battery (under the hood) and jump start your car without the need for another vehicle or roadside assistance.

A few bonus features include the ability to charge your phone or other devices by plugging them into the power bank. It also has a built-in flashlight for night use.

It fits into your glovebox easily and holds 50 000 mAh of battery life (a lot!) so that you never have to worry about a flat battery again!

Will it work in my car?

The Journey Jumper works in ANY petrol vehicle that has a 3.5L engine or less (e.g. 2.0 L cars, etc.) and ANY diesel vehicles with a 2.0L engine or more.

Also ensure your vehicle is 12V or less (most vehicles) to use the Journey Jumper

Not sure if your vehicle is compatible? Look up your vehicle on CarsGuide and double check your engine specifications.

How easy it it to use?

Really easy! It generally takes about 1-2 minutes to get started. Anyone can set it up in their car with ease. Our online or in-box instructions make setup easy! Here's a quick overview:

  1. Plug the jumper cables into the power bank socket. Connect the red clamp to the positive (+) clamp on your battery and the black clamp to the negative (-) clamp. DO NOT apply both clamps at the same time. The lead must not touch any vehicle metal. 
    3. Ensure the power bank is on
    4. Start your car!

Is it bulky?

No! It's quite compact and will fit in any glovebox. See size specifications below or in product images.

Is it water resistant?

Yes, the Journey Jumper is water resistant, but we recommend avoiding use in the rain

Can I use it to charge my phone?

Absolutely! The Journey Jumper comes with a 3-in-1 charger to charge any phone at any time. The three cables include USB C, Micro USB and Lightning. The cable can be reversed to Micro USB to charge the power bank too! 

Can I see some reviews?

Of course! Check out our reviews here: https://www.facebook.com/Journey-Jumper-102314842023205


Dimensions: 79mm x 141mm x 23.5mm
Input Voltage and Current: 5V/2A
Output Voltage and Current: 5V/2A
LED Lighting Modes: Lighting Mode, Flash Mode, SOS Mode.
Power Display: Tap the touch switch to display the remaining power
Cell Type: High Power Polymer Cell
Capacity: 50000mAh
Conversion Efficiency: 98%
Starting Current: 300A
Peak Current: 600A
Lifespan: 3000 Cycles
Applicable Temperature: -20 ~ 65℃
Applicable Vehicle: Petrol car <3.5L, Diesel car 2L<

** Actual Colour May Vary **

Package Includes:

1 * Car Starter Battery
1 * Jumper Cables
1 * 3-in-1 Charging Cable
1 * User Manual
1 * Packaging Box


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Will this work in my vehicle?

Ensure compatibility before purchasing!

Petrol Vehicles

Works in ANY petrol vehicle that has a 3.5L engine or less (up to 12V)

Diesel Vehicles

Works in ANY diesel vehicles with a 2.0L engine or more (up to 12V)

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